Project Managers

Time is a valuable commodity these days and the execution of construction contracts requires a lot of dedication and time. We take this responsibility on your behalf and manage the project from concept to creation. To ensure this, we offer Turnkey Solutions to our clients which constitute of two parts namely:

  • Design Services
  • Build Services

Part 1: Design services:

Scope of work on turnkey basis:

  • Measurement/documentation of site
  • 2D Design proposals; layouts
  • 2 D plan-o-grams off all display walls and fixtures
  • 3D Rendered  Views
  • Complete interior working and shop drawings
  • MEP Schematic Drawings
  • HVAC Schematic Drawings
  • BMS Schematic Drawings
  • Complete BOQ  for Tender
  • Coordination with venders and contractors
  • Finalizing and Supervising mockups.
  • Awarding contracts

Part 2: Build services;

  • Complete schedules and quality, with penalty for delays and rewards for early completion. All actual bills will be submitted.
  • We will require 90% advance, as the execution is over in a few weeks, and delays in payments can’t be afforded. We submit advance insurance guarantee bonds against all advance payments.
  • This cost  does not include 10% withholding Tax
  • There will be an additional 3 % turnkey solution including managing execution of the project according to the approved rates and realistic % of insurance cost as all our projects are insured.
  • There may be minor costs regarding mockups and sampling that we have not incorporated in the cost and might occur around 5% of the total cost of the project
  • All cost regarding logistics, couriers, transportation, travelling, lodging will be paid by the client and will be additional to this fee.

Payment Terms

Design Services:  At present we are charging Rs. 100 Per Square Feet. Rates may vary according to the site area and quantum of design work.

Build services:  There is an option of Rs 150/- per Sft or 12 percent of the total cost of the project. Rates are negotiable to achieve a mutually benefited relationship.